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Joey Ferraro May 6, 2022 My brother and sister both were tutored by Dr. Bolton for their SATs and they could not have succeeded without his help. Because of seeing their success, I also took tutoring lessons with Dr. Bolton. It was the best money my family ever spent because it ended up saving us money in scholarships for colleges. On my PSAT, before tutoring, I scored about a 1000 on my SAT. After, having one on one lessons with Dr. Bolton, I scored almost a 1300. I guarantee every student that meets him will have at least a 100 point increase. I am forever grateful of how much he cared about me and my education. I highly recommend Dr. Bolton for every sophomore and junior student no matter if they need help or not. It is definitely worth every penny.

Dan Wisneski Nov 4,2021 I did not have extremely high expectations when our son entered Dr. Bolton’s program, being somewhat distrustful of any claims that test scores can be improved by applying certain techniques as if there is some sort of “trick” to getting a good SAT score. After all, the correct answer is the correct answer, right? Boy, was I wrong. Dr. Bolton’s comprehensive plan elevated his score to over 1500, which defied my wife’s and my expectations. His well thought out step-by-step plan, tailored to each individual student and concentrating on their strengths, as well as giving real expectations on where they can improve if they apply themselves, was exactly what he needed to have the confidence in himself to aggressively take on the exam and master it. Dr. Bolton’s calm demeanor and honest critiques, combined with a little “tough love,” was refreshing in today’s academic environment. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Bolton’s tutoring program for the SATs, and felt every penny spent was an investment in our daughter’s future.

Sienna, class of '24 August 27, 2023 I originally went to Dr. Bolton for help with my SAT but ended up getting help in multiple other school subjects as well. With his help I was able to get a 4 on the AP Biology exam, a 5 on the AP Psychology exam, and receive an award from my school for my performance in math as someone who was struggling to keep up in math the year prior. I have made great improvements in terms of my SAT and Dr. Bolton has helped me every step of the way and constructed his practice to fix exactly what I needed help in. He is a great tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone needing extra help.

Nico Afanasenko September 21, 2023 I am going through old texts, and saw your name...I just wanted to let you know that Dimitry and Sasha are doing just great! Both are so happy and enjoying DU and Pitt...and that is in large part thanks to you! You have been a tremendous asset and guide and we will always be so thankful.

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